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Back by popular demand, Epic Music Theatre will once again produce “A Christmas Carol” this holiday season.  Last year’s performances were sold out, we've added more performances this year!


Auditions for the show will take place on


Tuesday, October 3, at 6pm (Maguire Theatre, Elizabeth City, for Center Players)


Auditioners can be ages 8-80 and should prepare about 15 seconds of a Broadway or Christmas song.


A Christmas Carol Character Descriptions:

Ebenezer Scrooge: (35 - 80) a crabby old merchant, soloist

Marley: (25 - 70) a ghost, must be funny

Bob Cratchit: (20s - 40s) a beloved husband and father, soloist

Mrs. Cratchit: (teen or adult) a strong woman who speaks her mind

Ghost of Christmas Past: (teen or adult) a female soloist

Ghost of Christmas Present: (teen or adult) a male soloist

Ghost of Christmas Future: (teen or adult) a female soloist

Fezziwig: (20s - 70s) a jovial gentleman

Mrs. Fezziwig: ((teen or adult) a fun-loving wife

Young Scrooge (teen or adult)

Belle: (teen or adult) Scrooge’s beautiful fiancé

Young Marley (teen or adult)

Dancers: 4 dancers who can either waltz or tap

Adult/Teen Chorus:  10 singers

Children’s Chorus: 10:  5 males, 5 females will be cast in a variety of roles including Tiny Tim